Medicine Madison


My self-portaits are the closest to my spirit because they involve a powerful metamorphosis, a reincarnation. I’m interested in the ways in which a person can undergo a spiritual renaissance.

This project was inspired by my first encounter with grief. The fact that I was having difficulties breathing gave me a liberating feeling. I could feel the taste of death, but I could control it, staiyng alive due to the minuscule orifice destined to prevent suffocation.

Medicine Madison

I’m a visual artist and I graduated from the photo-video section of the Bucharest University of Arts.
My pseudonym Medicine Madison is a synthesis of my life. My life has been rich in both pleasant and tragic events, and this has influenced my pseudonym, my work and my personality.

I have had a tendency towards art for most of my life. I have created within various artistic fields but my main interests are photography and painting. In both fields, I speak loudly about myself. However my feelings are not unique to myself therefore others relate to them as well.