We are a publishing start-up dedicated to the cultural and creative industries, while promoting artists that take their first steps in relation to the contemporary art market.

Let’s get acquainted:

Elena Ghițoiu / ArTeVezi Founder & Editor-in-Chief: I believe that art needs to be understood in the simplest terms, far from abstract notions and metaphors that transplant it in hard to understand speeches. The years of art theory studies and my experience of freelancing in communication bring me straight to the subject without much emphasis.

Oana Bălțatu / Photographer & graphic designer: I’m interested in any form of artistic expression, most especially the mode through which one can visually conceptualize and express a message.

Stanca Soare / Vizual artist & foreign news editor : After graduating from the National Superior of Fine Arts from Bourges, I am presently collaborating with Artevezi for the Satellite 01001 column, for which I conceive articles on social and artistic subjects, about news in the Balkanic and Easter Europe space. I consider that art is part of the present society, no matter the country.

For press releases processing, we answer with the e-mail address: contact@artevezi.com

With special thanks to Dan Benzakein (Seeds planter & lead gardener for Realities, the Romanian VR & AR Think Tank)