The God of time

This series is an event, or rather a happening of my grandfather, Ștefan Crăciun, at that time 93 years old, taking his first bath in two years. Beyond these photos, there is an interesting story about my grandfather and about time. These photos were taken on the 20th of December 2016. My last visit to the Old People’s Home, where he is taken care of at this precise moment in time, and where he was institutionalized a few weeks after these photos were taken, was for his 94th birthday, on the 10th of January 2018. He told me back then, during my last visit so far: “Oh, how I wish I’d die! I can’t stand it anymore. You told me to make a birthday wish, and you all wished me `Happy Birthday`, but my greatest wish for my birthday is to die already!”. So he has this problem with time and death. But come to think about it, in a metaphysical way, he should embrace time and his – so to speak, given the context – un-timely death.

Crăciun is the equivalent of the God Saturn, in Roman mythology, or that of Chronos in the Greek mythology. Thus, during the winter solstice, or what was called the Saturnalia, in pre-Christian romance tradition, people were living in this suspended time during which all tradition was abolished, suspended like in that image of the Tarot hanged man, upside down, as if people were trying to act out paradoxes. So there is a stigma of the name as destiny. He is bearing the name of the God of Time in our culture, and he fails to die, since time is on his side. So here, in this series, I dare say we have a bathing ritual for the old God of Saturn, at the beginning of the Saturnalia. As Ion Grigorescu said: For me, all daily tasks, like washing clothes, preparing a meal, doing the shopping, or working in construction, are performances, art, acts of survival.

Radu Crăciun

I was born in 1984 on the 18th of July. In 2003 after graduating from the Visual Arts high-school from my hometown of Deva, wishing to cease any activity concerning visual arts I was admitted to the Philosophy Department of the Bucharest University. After 3 years of study I somehow was drawn into Theater and I was admitted at the Theater Department of the Bucharest Academy of Theater and Cinema.

I finished my Master degree and then was admitted after a three year hiatus to the Doctoral school of the same Academy. I am currently self-employed and did some minor work in theater as an assistant director and in film as an independent director.